21st December, 2017 (Thursday)  :  IPCA Meeting  at Venue (afternoon session)

22nd December, 2017 (Friday)  :      Opening Ceremony : 9.00 AM (Venue: Inauguration Pandal University Ground No.1)
Opening Ceremony will take place in the main pandal. Please be on time as high number of attendees expected. The opening ceremony is open to all registered is participants and their registered accompanying persons, speakers, VIPs and invited guests.

22nd - 24th December, 2017 (Friday-Sunday)  :   Scientific Programmes :  (Venue: Halls 1-5 in University Campus)

  • Presidential Symposium on theme: December 22nd after inauguration

  • Memorial Lecture:

    • Sh. B V Patel memorial lecture
    • Sh. M.L. Khorana Memorial Lecture
    • Sh. KC. Chatterjee Memorial Lecture
    • Plenary Lecture
    • Symposia
    • Panel discussions
    • National Elocution Competition

23 24 December, 2017 (Saturday-Sunday)  :  Poster Sessions :  (Venue: Indore Gym Hall in University Campus)

23rd December, 2017 (Saturday)  : Placement Conclave  at 12:00 Noon (Venue: Ground No. 3 in University Campus)

Breaks : The coffee /tea breaks (15- 20 minutes) during the sessions will take place during forenoon and afternoon sessions. Food will be served in the food court from morning onwards.

Meeting of Professional Associations : Dates and venue would be announced in the programme booklet


For more details contact Dr. A Ramkrishan, Convener Scientific Services Committee, IPCA
(M) 8447261567, E-mail- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.